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Welcome to Get Circus Strong!

Circus arts are amazing and fun. Circus provides opportunities for self-expression and the discovery of new possibilities for each of us. And it all happens with a supportive and oft-times zany community of friends and soon-to-be friends cheering us on along the way.

And if you like circus enough to be here, visiting this site, chances are this isn’t just a passing fancy for you.

The trick of it, of course, is that circus arts are physically demanding.

Exceptionally so.

If you aren’t taking steps to strengthen your body and make sure you move well, the chances of you getting hurt go up.

And nobody likes getting hurt.

But what does it mean to move well?

It means having a good balance of mobility and stability throughout your body.

It means having the strength to control your body in the various ways that circus will ask you to control your body.

And that’s what I’m here to help you with.

This is about the long game.

If you are a circus artist—whether at the recreational level or at the professional level—you are also an athlete.

Or at least you should consider yourself one: circus demands much of our bodies.

The goal here is to prepare your body for a long and healthy life of circus.

This is where strength and conditioning comes into play.

Your strength and conditioning work shouldn’t injure you…

…now or in the future. If anything, it should make your body stronger, better aligned, resilient and less likely to be injured. It provides an opportunity to develop better mobility, stability and bodily control—all of which will help you to get more out of your circus training.

Your circus training shouldn’t injure you, either.

There are, of course, instances where injuries will happen. The sudden, traumatic kind. But it seems that more often than not, the injuries that do happen are a result of overuse. Your strength and conditioning work should make your circus training more about skill development and less about having the energy to make it through a class.

So why this site?

The short version is this: recreational circus artist/athletes have discovered the joy and magic of circus. It’s a love unlike any other.

And recreational circus artist/athletes are exceptionally prone to injury.

My mission is to change the way we talk about strength and conditioning for circus. Building resilient, injury-resistant, strong bodies is the way forward and this site is intended to be a resource for you.

This site is my way of sharing what I know so that I can help people get strong.

Get Circus strong.

Now’s the time to dive in. You can read some stuff…

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or, if you’d like to take it up a notch, you can train with me.

I’ll help you to develop functional mobility, build super stability and get crazy strong.

Or, if you’ve got a question, you can always just email me (here: [email protected]) and we’ll see if I can help you somehow!

Either way, thanks for stopping by!



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