About Theresa Racicot

Favorite Dance Move: Running Man

Fitness Stuff I Know (or ‘Letters That Go After My Name): ACE-CPT, CFSC, FMS2, FRC, FRA, PN1

Growing up, I ran around the woods, climbing trees and swinging on rope swings. On the porch railing in my backyard, I pretended to be a tight rope walker. Early on, I fell in love with acting and at the ripe old age of 8, I co-wrote and performed with some friends in a play about a king and a princess for our class. I played the king.

Fast forward to adulthood where my life as a photographer introduced me to the circus arts. I fell hard for flying trapeze, but soon branched out to other disciplines. At the same time I was really excited to learn more about strength and fitness and I begin my now almost 20 year adventure in the fitness world.

The adventure continues with working with you.

About Mike Denton

Favorite Dance Move: Moonwalk

Fitness Stuff I Know (or ‘Letters That Go After My Name): CSCS, CFSC, FMS2, FRC, FRA, PN1

If I’m honest, I knew I wanted to be a coach and a teacher as early as the tenth grade. It was my phys. ed. teacher, Mr Nuttall who inspired me. He was raw and edgy and probably a little insane. And he made a skinny little teenager (me) feel welcome and capable.

It was Theresa who introduced me to flying trapeze. From my first swing, my life was changed. From there, I went on to teach and perform and ultimately sustain a shoulder injury that lead me down this path:

I’ve realized that as much as I loved performing, what I love even more is helping those who perform to keep their bodies healthy. And moving well. And strong…so that they can keep performing and creating circus magic.

That’s where you come in.

About Hector the Wonderdog

Favorite Dance Move: The Rodeo-Tail-Chase

Favorite Skill: Sit Pretty (because I look cute and it gets me treats.)

Second Favorite Move: The zoomies!!!

We’re excited and can’t wait to work with you!