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Our adventure with Online Training and Distance Coaching began with our original Get Circus Strong: Core Program for circus artists.

If you are not a circus artist, that’s ok! We have Online Training for Wizards (because we ain’t no muggle gym!)–a customized workout plan for everyday badasses who are looking for great strength training and conditioning that keeps their joints healthy.

How would you like some technique and form guidance?

What if we could take the guesswork out of working out so that you can get stronger, move more freely and feel better?

How would you like to have easy-to-follow workouts designed to help you kick fitness ass?

What if those workouts were designed by actual fitness experts, proven to work in the real world with people just like you?

Well, have we got some sexy fitness magic for you!

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Get Circus Strong

Want to get really strong while maintaining balance in your body and improving your functional mobility for circus?

Let us help.

The Get Circus Strong Core Program is designed to build the three qualities every circus artist/athlete needs:  mobility, stability and strength.

With your goals and your body in mind, we will put together a plan that not only helps you to get strong, but will help to keep your body resilient.

And, if you keep at it, you’ll stay circus strong for life.

This is about the long game.

Circus demands much of our bodies.

The goal here is to prepare your body for a long and healthy life of circus.

This is where strength and conditioning comes into play.

Your strength and conditioning work shouldn’t injure you…

…now or in the future. If anything, it should make your body stronger, better aligned, resilient and less likely to be injured. It provides an opportunity to develop better mobility, stability and bodily control—all of which will help you to get more out of your circus training.

Because we’re playing the long game, that means it might be a good idea to go a bit slower now so that you can go faster later. It might mean backing off from certain movements in order to shore up any weak areas or muscle imbalances so that we don’t just reinforce a dysfunctional movement pattern.

That’s why we begin with a full-body movement screen and assessment: it will reveal any faulty movement patterns, flexibility limitations or muscle imbalances that might otherwise cause you problems down the road. And then we build a plan for addressing these into your workouts.

Your circus training shouldn’t injure you, either.

There are, of course, instances where injuries will happen. The sudden, traumatic kind. But it seems that more often than not, the injuries that do happen are a result of overuse. Your strength and conditioning work should make your circus training more about skill development and less about having the energy to make it through a class.