We are dedicated to making Redefine Strength and Fitness your fitness home and we’re confident you’ll love it here. If, however, for any reason, you’re not blown away by our special kind of awesome sauce within your first 30 days, just let us know. We’ll give you your money back.

Class memberships

For the time being, all of our group classes will be online (meaning virtual-only), using Zoom.

Our approach to “group exercise” is a little different from what you might find in muggle gym. We keep the class sizes small so your instructor will know your name and you’ll actually get some best-in-class, personalized coaching! Our coaches will modify exercises to keep your body happy and safe. Our approach to fitness centers on teaching you how to move your body well so that you can build strength and burn fat all while keeping your joints healthy and happy.

Our aim is to find your “growth zone”: the level of challenge that is ideal for you and your body so that you can make progress without ever feeling like everything hurts and you’re dying. Sure, some of our classes will be like high-energy dance parties, others will focus on core movements and we’ll balance it all with our recovery classes.

Semi-Private Personal training memberships

Semi-Private Personal Training is the evolution of traditional 1-on-1 personal training. It allows us to give you a personalized training plan designed with your body and your goals in mind, plus world-class coaching on technique and form… combined with the support and encouragement that comes from community. This makes personal training more accessible and allows for much greater scheduling flexibility. We restrict the groups to a maximum of three (3) people so that it remains intimate enough to ensure you still get the same focused, best-in-class coaching you would get in a traditional private training session with the added bonus of new training friends! And since it’s cheaper (our memberships start at under $40 per session), you can train more often and get results faster!

Private Personal training memberships

Would you like to have your very own fitness concierge? Do you prefer working one-on-one with a coach over working in a group? With our one-on-one private personal training memberships, you’ll get an individualized workout plan that’s tailored to your goals and your body, along with our best-in-class coaching on technique and form.

You can schedule these sessions for in-person training or virtual training!

Your training plan and workouts will grow and evolve with you! There is also a good chance we’ll throw you your very own spontaneous dance party to celebrate your personal victories along the way.

bundle memberships

Ready to take things to the next level of badassery? You can mix and match and create a membership that includes both classes and semi-private training!!!

What? we hear you say. How awesome is that???

But wait. There’s more.

By bundling your favorites together, you also save 15% off the combined price.

Yes. That’s right: 15% savings.

Maximum results in the fastest time possible.

Wh-bam! (That’s a “bam” that comes so fast is makes a ‘wh‘ sound first).