Director of Badassery

Favorite Dance Move: The Running Man

Fitness Stuff I Know (or ‘Letters That Go After My Name): ACE-CPT, CFSC, FMS2, FRC, FRA, PN1

Pronouns: she/her/they/theirs

Growing up, I ran around the woods, climbing trees, swinging on rope swings and dancing-so much dancing. On the porch railing in my backyard, I pretended to be a tightrope walker–which served me well for when I ran away with the circus for a bit (more on that later).

I tried many sports, but didn’t like many except baseball and really only for a short time. Dancing was what I did most: ballet, jazz, tap, country line dancing, my mom even taught my sister and I how to belly dance. To this day I love to dance.

I fell in love with fitness 20 years ago. It began with sweating it out in my living room to old VHS tapes from my mom and evolved to finding a trainer and eventually becoming one and getting hired on at a small fitness studio.

About the same time as finding fitness I also found circus arts. Which was a great outlet for many of my loves: theater, dance and moving my body in different ways. It challenged me and many ways: my strength, my trust in myself and others and overcoming limiting thoughts I had about myself.

Over the years I worked on combining circus arts and fitness and I attended many trainings in circus arts modalities and received certifications and trainings in personal training, yoga, pilates, functional movement screening and functional strength programming and coaching.

Continuing to learn is really important to me, not only for my own nerdy brain, but also so I can pass this information on to the people I work with and make their programs as effective as possible so that I can help each person reach their goals.

About Mike Denton

Director of Absurdity

Favorite Dance Move: Moonwalk

Fitness Stuff I Know (or ‘Letters That Go After My Name): CSCS, CFSC, FMS2, FRC, FRA, PN1

Pronouns: he/him/his

If I’m honest, I knew I wanted to be a coach and a teacher as early as the tenth grade. It was my phys. ed. teacher, Mr Nuttall who inspired me. He was raw and edgy and probably a little insane. And he made a skinny little teenager (me) feel welcome and capable.

Around the same time, my mom gave me a bench and a set of weights for Christmas. So I began lifting weights in my basement and had no idea how much the experience would impact me. I’ve never been the biggest or the strongest (or frankly, the most manly), but getting physically stronger changed me.

Something about the combination of Mr Nuttall actually giving a sh*t and my own experiences with lifting left me feeling determined to help others like me to feel more at home with exercise so that they could find the sense of strength and confidence that comes with it.

And while I take my mission to help as many people to get fit and find their inner badass very seriously, I was raised with British grandparents who warped my mind by exposing me to British humor from a very young age…so suffice it to say I have an appreciation for silliness.


Favorite Dance Move: The Rodeo-Tail-Chase

Favorite Skill: Sit Pretty (because I look cute and it gets me treats, but now they have to be special treats because I have a food allergy and IBD)

Favorite Exercise: The zoomies!!!

I watch my humans do their fitness thing all the time so I’ve learned a thing or two and I’m great at encouragement. I’ll be around the gym as well, helping to cheer you on while you’re working out.