Hello and welcome!

We are super-excited that you’ve decided to join our community of fitness misfits! Welcome to the ongoing experiment in developing and growing a truly and radically inclusive fitness community. 

You are welcome here.

You belong here.

In order to help you make your way to your own version of fitness badassery, please take some time to read through this Member Handbook and then keep it somewhere handy. We recommend bookmarking this page. Here you’ll find a bunch of rather useful things you’ll want to know so that you can make the most of your membership, kick ass, take names, and also get the best fitness experience possible.

What’s inside?

New to RSF? Start here. We’ll guide you through the first few weeks of your journey and help you to make the most of your membership.  
This section is a must-read: it contains everything you need to know about the safety measures we have put in place to protect the RSF community. 
Here we’ll share the 411 on day-to-day life at the Studio. How to book your visits, cancel your visits, manage your spot on waitlists, etc. 
Over the course of your journey to fitness glory, you might need to freeze or change your membership, or even (GASP!) terminate. It’s all easy.  
RSF is all about connecting YOU to your new community of beautiful, loving, wonderful and wondrous fellow badasses. You’ll find tons of fun and support in your new Badass Fam! 

Part 1: Becoming a Badass…

In this section:

    • Your First Week of Group Classes
    • Your First Week of Semi-Private Training
    • Your First Week of Private Training
    • The Journey
    • Nutrition
    • Community
    • Living Our Core Values
    • A Note From Theresa And Mike

Welcome to the family! 

This chapter is intended to be your handy guide for beginning your journey toward fitness magic, wonder and badassery…

Your First Week of Group Classes

Are Group Classes part of your membership? If so, we highly recommend taking at least three Circuit Fun! classes because not only will these classes be a great workout for you, we will also be focusing heavily on safety and technique.

We want to make sure you have a good handle on form and technique for some of the foundational movement patterns we teach. This way you’ll keep your body healthy and happy while you get strong and become more of a badass.

Your First Week of Semi-Private Personal Training

In your first session, your trainer will walk you through the Welcome Workout. Part workout, part movement screen, the Welcome Workout serves as our starting point for developing a more personalized and tailored training plan for you. We’ll show you proper technique, teach you how to use the equipment and help you to feel at home in the Studio.

Your workouts will likely also feature some new friends. You’ll notice that they are probably doing a workout that’s a little bit like yours…yet different at the same time. Everyone is running their own race, so to speak, so you’ll see your coach circulating between each member, cheering them on and giving everyone some personalized attention.

We encourage you to schedule with different coaches so that you can get a chance to experience the full breadth of our experience and quirkiness.

Your First Week of Private Personal Training

In your first session, your trainer will take you through a series of exercises that also serve as a movement screen. This will feel like a workout while also providing your coach with valuable information about how your body moves and what exercises will be best suited to your unique combination of physicality and goals. From there, your coach will develop and map out a customized and progressive training plan for your journey to fitness glory!

You’ll have the option of scheduling your sessions for in-person training in the Studio or virtually using our video platform.

We also encourage you to schedule with different trainers. Your training plan and the individualized considerations built into it will follow you, regardless of who you train with. This way you can benefit from the full breadth of our experience. 

The Journey

Our goal is to find and keep you in your “growth zone”: this is that place where we are pushing the edges of your current boundaries or limits…just enough to help you grow, but not so much that we risk injury or overwhelm.

Along the way, we’ll regularly encourage you to ‘run your own race’. On the surface, this can be taken to mean that you don’t need to worry about matching the energy or intensity of anyone else in the room. On a deeper level though, this also means that you don’t need to worry about matching the energy or intensity of you on any other day.

Your growth zone will probably change over time and will almost certainly vary from day-to-day. We’re sure that you know that some days you’ve got the energy to take on the world, and other days, not so much. Both are always going to be ok.


Beyond your workouts. At the start of your journey with us, you’ll see in your inbox a supplemental new-member email series that focuses on all of the ways that your workouts are likely to have an impact on life outside the gym—and, how your life outside the gym can make an impact on the results you get inside the gym. For example, nutrition is a significant player here. You can’t out-train your diet. If your nutritional habits aren’t supporting the work you’re doing with us, you just won’t get results as quickly.

Let’s be clear: when we say “results”, our goal here is to redefine conventional ideas about what fitness even means. Our focus is on helping you to feel good inhabiting your body—regardless of shape or size.

Fitness is not a body type.


In your first week, you’ll get to know your coaches and your new community of wonderful humans. And maybe we’ll even do a fun dance to show you how thrilled we are to have you join us!

We have a Facebook group you can join, if you’re on Facebook, to meet other folks in the community. We know that some folks like the same day and time each week while others flutter about to different days and times and joining the group is a great way to meet more of the members and keep up with your new friends.


Living Our Core Values

We believe that your personal values are the guardrails that help you stay on track in life. The RSF Team works to embrace our Core Values every single day by asking ourselves questions that represent those values.

Questions like: 

What can I learn today?

How do I impact others? 

How big can I be today?

We believe that being a true Badass means being clear about what you value, and then working every day to embody those ideals. We invite you try out our values or create your own. You’ll quickly find that self-mastery is a vital skill on the road to health and fitness glory.


For years now, Theresa and I have had a vision of a different kind of gym. A different approach to fitness.

(In truth, we’re not really fond of the term ‘gym’ because it carries with it a fair amount of cultural baggage).

We wondered, what if we made fitness accessible and (gasp!) fun? What if we didn’t focus on problematic ideas like ‘weight loss’ and instead focused on helping people to move better, get stronger and feel good in their bodies?

And most importantly, in a world that seems to demand conformity and assimilation, what if we created a truly and radically inclusive space where we honor and celebrate everyone’s unique individuality?

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by mainstream ‘gym’ culture, if you’re nervous about the hard work of self-improvement…and if you think that unicorn onesies and/or tutus are, in fact, totally appropriate ‘workout wear’, you’ve found your new home. We are Medford’s Most Fabulous, Slightly Weird, House of Fitness Badassery where everyone gets to be a badass; we’re your extended fitness family that you may not have even known you were missing.

And we’re so excited that you’re here.


“What do I wear?”

First and foremost, you should wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and that give you access to your full range of motion. In an ideal world, we would ask you to wear clothes that allow your Coaches to see your body, so they can properly assess your technique. Rainbows and spandex are always highly appreciated.

For your feet, our strong preference is that you bring a pair of clean shoes to change into that you aren’t wearing on the street. We do ask that you wipe the bottoms of your shoes, regardless of if you wore them in or put them on when you arrived, before entering the fitness floor. We also suggest you wear minimal footwear or socks so you can feel the floor. Barefoot is ok too, if you’re cool with it.

“What do I need to bring?”

Not much, actually. A water bottle is a really good idea and a great way to stay hydrated. You might want a hand towel for wiping sweat off your brow.

“Do I need to check-in when I arrive?”

One day, we’ll have someone working at the front desk and they’ll say hello to you as you come through the door. You’ll want to check-in with them…when that time comes. But for now, just say hi to either (or both!) of Theresa or Mike. They’ll check you in on their handy digital device.

“So, how many Circuit Fun classes do I need to take?”

We recommend that everyone begin their group class fitness journey with us by starting with Circuit Fun. This class is designed to give you practice working through all of the basic movement patterns and foundational exercises that we’ll use in all of our training plans. We recommend taking this class at least three to four times during your first month or so.

“Are gloves allowed with all of the kettlebell work?”

Nope, we don’t use gloves when working with kettlebells. While gloves may spare your hands from some calluses, they’re not the safest choice when it comes to maintaining your grip on the handle of the bell. We’ve seen bells go flying because of glove use, so for this reason, there are no gloves allowed when working with kettlebells.

“Where Are You/How Do I Find You?”

Put 215B Salem Street in your GPS/Maps app. Follow its directions. If taking the bus, the 101 bus stops 1 block away on either side of Salem St. (at the Brookline Bank/Hadley Pl. on our side of the street and at the corner of Salem St and Allen Ct.)

Here’s a video on how to find the Studio

“Where Can I Park?”

There is 2 hour parking on Salem St. and on the ‘Odd Numbered’ side of Hadley Place. The “Even Numbered’ side of Hadley Place is resident sticker parking.

If you have a resident sticker we ask that you don’t park right behind us in front of our neighbor at 10 Hadley Place. They have asked us if we could do our best to keep that spot on the street open as they have young children and lugging a baby carrier, groceries and personal effects from down the street is challenging for them. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fulton Street and Allen Court have free parking with no time limit. Vine Street is resident sticker parking only.

Part Two: COVID-19 Safety Procedures For You And The RSF Community

We want you to know that we believe in and deeply value community. The health and safety of our community is of the utmost importance to us–and that’s why we’re raising the bar with our safety protocols.

This is a bit lengthy, so you may want to grab a cup of your favorite beverage.


Our mission is to help people to discover and unlock their inner awesomeness in the name of growing beyond any previously limiting ideas about their own potential.

Our goal is to build a radically inclusive fitness community of people who are working on their own versions of strength, excellence and badassery. We embrace a model of deep health–a hopeful and empowering vision of people’s capability for change.

What all of this means is that we’re not like other “gyms” you may have seen AND it means that we take your safety and that of our community very seriously.



  • Masks are optional for fully vaccinated members. Fully vaccinated members may choose to wear a mask at anytime if that feels more comfortable for them.
    • We ask that if you have the sniffles or a slight cold and you choose to come to the studio that you wear a mask for the health of others around you.
  • Unvaccinated members must wear a 2-layer mask at all times that covers their nose and mouth.

If possible, we ask that you bring a change of shoes so that we’re not tracking outside dirt onto the exercise floor.

• We also ask that you please use one of the gym wipes to clean the bottoms of your shoes before stepping onto the exercise floor.


We do have a touchless water-bottle filling station. We prefer that people do not drink from the fountain at this time. If you forgot your water bottle and need some water we have extra cups in our little kitchen that you can borrow.


Here’s a great video to show some of what to expect when you arrive.

Feel free to arrive 5 minutes, or however many minutes you need before your training session or class to be ready to begin on time.

Although social distance guidelines have lessened some, especially for vaccinated people, we ask that everyone still respect social distance while in the space. It’s ok to pass by someone within six (6) feet to get to where you need to go, but we ask that you don’t hang out too close for too long.

Hand Sanitizer

As soon as you come in the door, please use the touchless hand sanitizer dispenser to the left of the door.

Change or wipe off your shoes

We have some wipes near the member cubbies for you to wipe the bottoms of your shoes. We call the coming in and changing and cleaning your shoes your Mr. Roger’s Moment.

Wash your hands

Or use some more hand sanitizer before going on to the exercise floor.

Here’s some inspiration for hand-washing for when you are in the bathroom washing your hands. (It’s a video of a few parts, make sure to watch it all. You won’t be sorry.)

Your Training “Pod”

Yes, we are still doing pods, even though they no longer have a taped outline. This helps us maintain some social distance while training.

We will have the equipment you’ll need for your training session already cleaned and set out in your training pod for you.


Although Covid-19 is not spread through surface contact, we, the coaches, still clean quite often and hand sanitize frequently for the health and wellness of the whole community.

No equipment sharing

Equipment will be sanitized and disinfected after each use and members will not be sharing any equipment. At this time we are asking all members to share in the cleaning efforts at the end of their session.

Touch-free Coaching: At the risk of pointing out the obvious, we will be maintaining social distance during coaching. If for some reason a cue that involves touch is needed we will ask before this occurs. You have the right to say no. At the end of your class or training session we’ll celebrate your awesomeness with the offer of an air-five or an actual high-five, you choose.

Drinking water

Please drink as much as you need from your water bottle. If you are unvaccinated we ask that you pull the mask aside only as much as you need to take a sip and to face away from other people while you do.

Here’s our recommendations on drinking water.

Feeling overwhelmed or claustrophobic

If you are unvaccinated and find yourself feeling like you’re breathing too hard or you’re too hot and you simply must be free of your mask, please do your best to make your way to a restroom (where you can turn on the light/exhaust fan, close the door and more safely remove your mask) or go outside and remove your mask to catch your breath.

We talk about what to do when it becomes hard to breath in your mask in the video below.


Limited Access

We are an appointment-only studio. That means you’ll always have to book your training appointment ahead of time. At most, we’ll only ever have 9 Members in the Studio at one time.

Hand Sanitizer

There are touchless hand sanitizer dispensers in various locations around the Studio: immediately to your left as you come in the door and on the walls outside the restrooms.

Staggered Sessions

We’ve scheduled 30 minutes between session start times for each coach in order to allow for minimal gathering of people and to give us time to clean the equipment used and to set up stations for the next session.


Equipment will be sanitized and disinfected after use during a training session and we’ll do a whole-Studio deep clean at the end of every day.


All training sessions will be booked digitally, and we will have a maximum of 9 members in the Studio at one time, with the majority of the time being a maximum of 4-5 members.


We don’t have showers, so there isn’t much to say here. We just wanted to be sure you were aware of that.


These are a (mostly) touchless experience: we have touchless soap dispensers and touchless paper towel dispensers inside each bathroom.


We fundamentally believe that we are all connected—in a multitude of ways—and few things have made that more clear than COVID-19. Each of our actions has the very real potential to have an impact on the lives of those around us. Our collective liberation depends on each other. With that in mind, our approach to our safety protocols relies on our Members sharing in the responsibility for keeping everyone as safe as possible (so that we can continue to have super-awesome fitness fun for many years to come!).

To that end, along with respecting the safety guidelines put in place by the Massachusetts and Medford government, we are asking everyone who trains at our Studio to follow our additional safety measures.

We’re all in this together and at Redefine Strength and Fitness, we will always go above and beyond for each other.

1. Let us know if you are experiencing a cold and would prefer to cancel: While we’re still navigating Covid-19 and the on-going pandemic, we are keeping our policy of if you feel unwell or sick and would prefer to stay home than please contact us and we will early cancel your class/training without loss of the credit. If you are feeling a bit under the weather and want to come in to train, then we ask that you wear a mask while in the studio.

2. Stay home if you’ve been experiencing any symptoms: If you have a cough, fever or any other symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you stay home until you have been symptom-free for at least three (3) days or have tested negative to Covid-19.

3. Let us know if you test positive: If you have tested positive for COVID-19 please let us know. We want to know that you are alright and to let other members that trained with you know that they may have been exposed so they can get tested as well.

If someone you’ve had close contact with tests positive, please let us know as well. We ask that if you are coming in to train that you wear a mask while in the studio for the duration of the fourteen (14) days time frame or until you receive a negative test result.

We have to ask that everyone keep the person-to-person contact, including hugs & high fives, to a minimum (and consensual) for the time being. Community, love, and support are the main ingredients in our secret sauce and the best way we can show these right now is to do our best to take care of our RSF family.

Onward to Fitness Glory!

Part 3: Navigating life in the House of Badassery

Here’s the Deal:

We do this “fitness” thing differently: we’re dedicated to knowing your name when you walk through the door and creating a clean, judgment-free space where you can pursue your dreams of fitness badassery and have a good ol’fashioned amazing experience every time you’re in our House.

The guidelines in this section have been created to ensure that we set clear expectations for all members about how we do things around here.

We strive to make each guideline as simple and fair as possible, but it’s normal to have some questions.

Don’t be shy! If there is anything we can do to clarify stuff in this handbook or improve your experience in any way, call us at 617-894-0452, or email us at

First Things First: Link Your Mindbody Account

This is a quirk of how Mindbody works. Once you create your account on MindBody (or if you have previously created an account on MindBody but at another studio), you will need to link/verify your MindBody account to our business, Redefine Strength and Fitness, on MindBody.

Here’s a video we made on how to link your MindBody profile in the app to our business. If you like words, step by step instructions are below the video.

Here’s how you do that (courtesy of MindBody):

If your profile is not linked to a verified account:

You need to link your MINDBODY app account with Redefine Strength and Fitness. This can be done by requesting a verification email from the Settings section of the app.

1. Sign into the Mindbody app using the email address and password used at Redefine Strength and Fitness’s MindBody URL.

2. Select the Profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Under the Settings gear, choose to “Resend account confirmation email” at the top.


4. Next, check your email inbox for a verification email and click the enclosed link to verify your email address.

5. Under the “Search for a business”section at the bottom of the app, enter Redefine Strength and Fitness and click Search.

6. When you see RSF in the search results, tap on it to link your account.

7. Finally, you get to re-enter your email address and password and then click on Sign in.page16image1771314416

How your membership credits work

With your 3-month or 12-month RSF Membership, you have been allotted a specified number of class, semi-private and/or private personal training sessions to access each month. During the term of your agreement, a new allocation of credits is available for your use monthly, starting with your monthly auto-payment and expiring on the same day of the following month. Your unused credits will not carry over, so plan in advance, and use those credits!


Go to the Member Dashboard on the website or visit the RSF page on MindBodyOnline.

Classes, semi-private and private sessions are made available for booking in a rolling 60-day window. This means that you can reserve your training times as much as 60 days ahead of time.

We highly encourage you to set yourself up for success and reserve your classes and semi-private sessions early. Prime morning and evening times may be tough to book last minute!

Please don’t reserve more than one class or training session for the same day, so every member has an equal opportunity to plan ahead and so you can avoid becoming an adrenaline junkie. We promise that you don’t need to take more than one class daily to see results. In fact, we suggest you have at least one or two days of rest per week to allow your body time to recover.


If we notice you have overbooked, we may automatically cancel your additional reservations, which means we could end up cancelling the class you actually want to attend. D’OH!


Early Cancellations:

Class reservations may be canceled with no penalty any time prior to 6 hours before the scheduled start time.

Semi-Private and Private Training reservations may be canceled with no penalty any time prior to 24 hours before the start time.page17image1844331248page17image1844331536page17image1844331824page17image1844332112

Late Cancellations:

If you discover that you will be unable to make a class or semi-private session and it’s beyond the Early Cancellation period, we ask that you Late Cancel your reservation. Your credit will still count as used, but this courtesy will allow another member to book your spot and you will avoid a No-Show Fee.

If you are a no-show for a class or semi-private training session, you will be charged a No-Show Fee of $10 for each missed appointment.


If your preferred class, semi-private or private training is full, you may opt to add yourself to a digital waitlist via MindBody.

Here are some important guidelines for managing your waitlist requests:

You should only waitlist yourself for one class, semi-private or private training per day.

If you already have a reserved class or training on the same day, you should cancel your current reservation before adding yourself to a waitlist for a different class or training. Otherwise, MINDBODY may remove you from the waitlist rather than add you to the class or training. Doh!

If you are added to a class or training from the digital waitlist, you will be considered confirmed for that hour and normal cancellation polices apply. So, if you are no longer available for your waitlisted time, remove yourself from the waitlist.

The digital waitlist stops functioning two hours prior to each time slot

Note: In order to get waitlist notifications from MINDBODY, you must opt in to receive emails and/or texts in the “My Info” section of your MindBody user profile. Reach out if you need assistance in changing your settings.


This is covered in greater detail in Part 2: COVID-19 Safety Procedures For You And The RSF Community, but the basics go like this:

  • Arrive about 5 minutes prior to your training session.
  • Say hi to Mike and Theresa.


  • Use the touchless hand sanitizer dispenser immediately to the left of the door when you come in.
  • Then, change and wipe down your shoes.
  • Put your (minimal) stuff in a cubby.
  • Feel free to use the restroom to change and/or do whatever you need to do before the start of your session.
  • One of us will tell you which pod you’ll be in. If you’re early, you can go there and foam roll.


To make it easy for all of our members to book visits far in advance, MindBody will allow you to reserve classes, semiprivate and/or private training sessions as much as 60 days ahead of time—even though (beyond the current month) you have yet to pay for them. This is awesome, but it also means that you can accidentally reserve more “unpaid” classes or training sessions than you are allocated through your membership. To avoid overbooking, we strongly recommend that you keep of track of your available credits by regularly reviewing your schedule on the Mindbody app or the MindBody website.


If (because you’re just having SO MUCH FUN!) you burn through your class or training session credits before your next billing cycle, you can always purchase additional “Members Only” credits at the Front Desk (which means call us during off-hours) or through the MindBody website. Add-ons are active for 12 months from the date of purchase and cannot be frozen.

Note, you must have an active class or training Membership to get class or training add-ons.

Part 4: Housekeeping. How to manage your membership. (easy button)


But if you don’t, we have a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee. As a first-time Member who has never worked out at RSF before, you may terminate your agreement and receive a complete refund if you let us know you’re not digging it within 30 days of your first class, semi-private or private session.

We want to be your home for health and fitness glory, but if you’re not having a good time in the first month, just let us know. We’ll help you find a better fit in someone else’s loving arms. #SingleTearFalls


Freezes are Easy. Like Sunday morning.

There could be any number of reasons why you might like to take a pause. Lately, life has been filled with them.

We make freezing (or suspending) your membership painless. After filling out the Membership Freeze Form, please allow two business days for us to process your request. Your billing will be suspended for the duration of the freeze. The billing will automatically resume once the freeze period has ended. Any suspended payments will be added onto the initial term of your agreement, extending the Membership term by the length of the freeze. Here are the details for your membership type:

  • 12-Month Memberships: You may take advantage of four complimentary freezes during the term of your agreement, anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 weeks in duration. Additional weeks will be $10 per week, paid in full at the start of your freeze period.
  • 3-Month Memberships: You may take advantage of one complimentary freeze during the term of your agreement, anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 weeks in duration. Additional weeks will be $10 per week, paid in full at the start of your freeze period.
  • Bonus Freezing: Medical freezes are always complimentary if you provide a note from your doctor detailing the medical necessity of the freeze. You may also elect to use one of your complimentary freezes (see above), which don’t require a doctor’s note. Additionally, you can freeze your membership, with no fee, while participating in any of our specialty Badass experiences.

Membership Changes.

Want to come more frequently or add classes, semi-private or private sessions to the mix? Need to scale back a bit during your summer of weekend getaways? We can help. (The Membership Change Form is still in the works, but in the meantime, you can call the office phone, 617-894-0452 or email us at Please allow up to two business days for us to process your request. We will do our best to accommodate last-minute requests, but our magic has some limitations.

Here are the details for your membership type:

  • 12-Month Membership Changes: Members may change their membership type at any time, subject to current rates. The new contract must be for 12 months, and the term of the new agreement will begin from the date of signing.
  • 3-Month Membership Changes: Members may upgrade agreements to an increased monthly fee at any time, subject to current rates. The term of the contract will begin from the date of signing. Members may not downgrade 3-month memberships.

Free, 15-minute Monthly Re-Strategizing Sessions

At some point or another, we all need a little help along the way. We at RSF are dedicated to YOUR health and fitness success! But sometimes, strategizing around a specific goal or issue takes more than a quick email. RSF offers all current Members the opportunity to book a one-on-one, in-person or virtual 15-minute session with one of us as often as once a month to strategize around any challenges you may be having. Use this opportunity to clarify your goals, ask questions and overcome plateaus or obstacles. If interested, please email

Guilt-free Membership Termination

Though we’d be sad to see you go, we’re committed to making the split as painless as possible. Give us a call at 617-894-0452, and we’ll take care of you.

Please allow up to three business days for us to process your request. Here are the most common termination scenarios:

  • Terminating at the End of Your Current Agreement: Your contract is set to automatically auto-renew at the end of your 3-month or 12-month term so that you will have continual access to your classes and/or semi-private sessions. If you do not wish for your agreement to auto-renew, you must fill out a termination request no later than thirty (30) days prior to the first auto-payment of what would have been your next term.
  • Terminating a Membership Early: Early termination of a 12-month contract is a flat fee of $350, except for the “no-fee” reasons listed below. Members on 3-month agreements may not terminate early, except for the “no-fee” reasons listed below. The termination will apply to future payments only.
  • “No Fee” Terminations: If you have a medical issue that prevents you from utilizing your membership, you may be allowed to terminate without penalty by providing a note from your doctor detailing the medical necessity of the termination. If you move and your new home is more than 25 miles from RSF House of Badassery, you may terminate without penalty, provided that you lived within 25 miles of the House of Badassery at the time you began your agreement.

Unlimited Support

We’re here for you. So, call us. Or email. Or ask in person. We’ve got you covered.

Part 5: Joining the FAM!


You can find more of your new, BadAss, Medford FAM out in the cyber webs here: