Theresa is a dedicated professional who knows how to get results in a positive way. She pushes me to achieve my best conditioning, but is always mindful of safety and will work around any temporary limitations that I might have. I would give Theresa 5 stars as a personal trainer!”

~Sue H.

Before I started training with Mike I spent years in group fitness classes that required constant modification with limited results. My back problems necessitated that I scale back most exercises and I had all but resigned myself to avoiding some altogether.  Mike listened to my needs, researched my back condition, and helped me target my tight and weak areas to build strength where I needed it most. Mike’s curiosity, enthusiasm, and good humor makes our training sessions challenging and fun. I knew that I had made real progress when I could do over 10 pushups in a row – one of my previously “off-limits” exercises.”

~Rachel N.

I was looking for a way to build a fitness routine that would become an internal part of my life. I had tried many modalities: gym, classes, DVDs, YouTube, but none of them stuck until I could Theresa. She has excellent intuition, patience and a genuine positive approach to fitness. I also really enjoy her holistic attitude regarding healthy living. No matter what level of fitness or type of training you seek, I can tell you that Theresa will do all she can to tailor her skills and gifts to support you in your goals.”

~Susan R.

I started training with Mike when I was exhausted from too much training and poor nutrition. My aerial progress had stalled, and I thought that more training was the answer. Mike created a plan for me that emphasized core strength, shoulder health, and working smarter not harder. He was detailed and patient while explaining the “why” behind my questions and I learned a lot about how my body moves and recovers. When we paired this with nutrition coaching, I saw solid gains. Over the last year, my inversions have gone from shaky to strong, my endurance in the air has increased from 2 minutes to 10, and I feel stronger, healthier, and more knowledgeable. Even my sleep has improved! I can’t recommend Mike enough. Work with him—your body will thank you!”

~Jana H.

Theresa’s fitness class has refined my technique and pushed me beyond any core routine I’ve ever done. I have been taking her class for a year and I’ve noticed a huge increase in strength, but it’s helped me manage and avoid injuries. Theresa’s detailed instructions have helped me pinpoint areas that I’ve been neglecting and get the most out of the hour workout.”

~Sarah S.

My fitness level is better than it has ever been. Mike also addressed the pain in my shoulder that I assumed was permanent and I am now pain-free, which is incredible.”
Mike’s calm demeanor, intense focus on technique and knowledge of human anatomy set him apart from other trainers. His workouts are always evolving and building on each other. I could not be happier working with Mike and highly recommend him as a trainer.

~Bob P.

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