Hello friends!


Introducing: Redefine Strength and Fitness – Home Edition

We are living through a rather weird and scary time.

When things first got real, we were actually just about to open our gym…and it’s pretty clear now that we are not going to be able to do that anytime soon.

However, what we can do is make our living room into a virtual gym and run all of the group classes we were going to run in the real gym!

This way, you still get:

  • Great workouts that keep you fit while making sure your body and joints remain healthy and happy!
  • Individualized coaching from your friendly neighborhood fitness nerds (us!)
  • A varied schedule of strength, cardio, mobility and recovery-based classes to keep your body (and mind) in balance.

All through the magic of Zoom!

Get two weeks of unlimited access to both LIVE and On-Demand video replays of all of our classes for $59.

That’s right: you can come back and watch replays of the classes any time that works for you!

You can do this as a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription (which you can cancel at any time).

2 WEEK OF UNLIMITED ACCESS TO VIRTUAL CLASSES FOR $59…or whatever is reasonable for you.

(Real talk: yes, the COVID-19 crisis is obviously hitting us hard and we would welcome your payment of the full amount…but this is also about us joining together as a community because we’re all in this together. So if you suddenly find yourself with a lot less income than you’re used to, please, just pay what you can. We’d love to give you the gift of movement and a bit of silliness.)

When you sign up, you’ll get:
* Daily Live-Streamed Virtual Classes [Mondays @5:15 pm, Tuesdays @8:30 am, Wednesdays @8:30 am and 5:15 pm, Thursdays @10 am, Fridays @12 pm and 5:15 pm]. Plus our free FB and IG LIVE class on Saturday’s at 10 am.
* Expert and inspirational coaching from US!
*Access to recordings of the classes so that you can workout any time you like!
*Well-designed workouts that you can do in your living room with little or no equipment!
***And, of course, you’ll have lots of fun!

Not quite sure if you’re ready to commit to all of the classes? Prefer to “drop-in” to a single class? You can do that here for only $10 per class: