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We’ve asked you to come to this page because this program has the potential to be so much more than just a series of workouts. You will absolutely get stronger, more mobile and better conditioned if you do the workouts as they come…but there is room for you to benefit from this in a number of other ways.

Something that we think about a lot is the idea of long-term athletic development. In the world beyond circus arts, long-term athletic development usually refers broadly to making smart choices about how kids experience athletics, sport and physical activity throughout their childhood into adolescence and beyond, into adulthood.

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The idea here is to think in terms of whether certain approaches to exercise or even certain exercises themselves are appropriate for a given stage of development. This can cover everything from the development of fundamental motor skills and movement capacities all the way to whether it’s appropriate or even beneficial to play a particular sport year round (it is not, by the way).

Where our thinking goes, with respect to circus arts, can all be traced by to the idea of making sure that your training is supporting long-term circus participation–building physical capacities while mitigating the risk of injury along the way.

To that end, we have created a series of educational lessons, if you will. A compilation of all of the things that we would teach you over the course of time if we were training together in person.


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