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What’s Included:

  • (1) 1-on-1 Fitness Consultation
  • (4) 1-on-1 Private Personal Training Sessions
  • (4) Semi-Private Training Sessions
  • (4) Virtual Group Classes


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We have deliberately capped the number of new Trials available per month in order to maintain our ability to deliver the highest quality of experience and coaching. So claim your spot today!

The nitty gritty details

Trial memberships are only available to first-time visitors to Redefine Strength and Fitness. Current and former members are not eligible. Trial memberships cannot be combined with any other offers.

Your 30-day trial includes (1) Fitness Consultation (4) 1-on-1 Private Personal Training Sessions, (4) Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions and (4) Virtual Group Classes.

The four (4) class credits, four (4) semi-private and four (4) private training credits included in your 30-day Trial activate on the date of your first visit and expire thirty (30) days thereafter.

This offer may be revoked at any time and other terms and conditions may apply.

What Are People Saying?

Tracy shares her experience with our 30-Day trial membership and how it helped her with her other activities she loves doing. Press play to hear/read her about her wins.

Image of member working out on battle ropes to accompany her testimonial.

Emily C. says….

When I began the 30-Day Trial, I was WEAK. I was prone to injury and coming back from toe surgery. I was terrified to flex and stand on my toes. My shoulder was a source of a lot of problems as well as my hips and knees.
NOW, I am a transformed 54-year-old badass.
I am now doing pushups with flexed toes from the floor and chin ups! Hip problems, knee pain, back pain, shoulder impingement- all gone! 

Working with Theresa and Mike has been thoroughly transformational experience. I have achieved my incoming goal which was to be “strong as a MF.” And there’s so much more room to grow!  

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